USA in Las Vega Ua international Group Limited was founded in 2005. Business scope relates to a number of different products, mainly engaged in building materials home industry porduction,sales and services.Registered in the United States, since 2009 has been in Foshan, Guangdong and Jinan, Shandong has set up a ceramic production base and bathroom furniture production base. Its existing bathroom cabinet,bathroom ceramics, metal faucet and other three major categories of hundreds of products. In Las Vega introduction and use of the production process, at the same time, we combine the elements of traditional Chinese culture, to the rich connotation of the concept and a wide range of character design and said in the world.In the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, in Las Vega products will pay more to provide high-quality, high-grade sanitary products for the development of the fundamental, to continue to meet customer demand for the new direction for the design of; make great efforts to pass the world advanced sanitary ware culture, to considerate service is fully committed tothe Chinese family to create stylish, comfortable, personality home living space. Pull the bathroom Siweijia, by virtue of advanced technology research and development, strong scale strength, excellent product quality, perfect service system and innovative business strategy, becoming China sanitary ware industry a dazzling star. In Las Vega bathroom adhere to the "customer for this, common development" business philosophy, to provide high-quality sanitary ware products, is winning the support and trust of more and more Chinese consumers, To improve people quality of life, promote human civilization bathroom sanitary progress is the eternal pursuit of all the people in Las Vega!

    We have a professional design team. Shower Panel Series products are designed & developed by designers of our company. We know very well that consumption demand of shower products is not the sample concept of sanitary ware any longer. Fashion life, quality pursuance and shower culture lave become new fashions of shower products. Perfect shower enjoyment shall be brand -new feelings visually at first, then meticulous using experienec, and finally relaxed & convenient maintenance & cleaning procedures. Guliduo multi-shower panel, integrationg leading engineering science, material science and fashionable aesthetics, has combined with the bathroom appropriately and increased the spatial sense of the bathroom greatly.